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Do4SA is a Non Profit established to shake off negativity from the mindsets of many South Africans. Poverty is a wall, impossible to demolish as a whole. Your donations remove, brick by brick the wall built by forces that create poverty. The millions we cannot reach should not wipe the optimism of helping the few we can, granting aid to one individual is in effect giving life to humanity.

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Our Strategy

We need technology, the sciences, education and good social ethics to be brought into impoverished communities to create hopes and dreams. Change needs to come from within rather than a force fed atmosphere of skill development. Our programs are designed to touch hearts, to encourage personal growth by sharing and giving back to communities. Giving is not only a monetary form-talent, time are all avenues of giving. We need to share these wonderful qualities within us with those less fortunate so that they can be inspired, live big and help the world to become a better place for all.

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Motivated Individuals

Links and articles of South Africans who made meaningful contributions.

The greatest poverty is lack of goals. Goals and ambition shape our destiny. They create opportunities of success from gaps which to others have no significance. We need to dream, to live our goals. To go beyond our comfort zones to reach out to that which is our success. Do4SA will regular post inspirational stories of South Africans and individuals around the world that made a difference to themselves and to humanity. We hope these incidents will inspire you, create a flame to burn from within your soul that screams: I CAN, full stop!

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